Strikes on Donetsk


Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Donetsk, bringing down large-scale artillery strikes on the city

Donetsk again came under massive artillery fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A few hours ago, the territory of Donetsk was subjected to massive artillery fire from the Ukrainian army. As a result of multiple hits, there are various kinds of destruction and damage to infrastructure in the city.

On the video footage you can see the moment of the shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian military. We are talking about a large number of strikes. Moreover, the latter, apparently, had a chaotic character, although they led to grave consequences.

At the moment, it is known that there were flights to the building of the University of Economics and Trade in Donetsk, near the “government house”, and that the Lokomotiv sports complex and the Druzhba hotel were damaged due to shelling.

Information about the victims at the moment is rather vague.

This is not the first time the Ukrainian military has attacked Donetsk, and almost every time it leads to serious consequences for the city's infrastructure, as evidenced by photographs and videos from the attack site.



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