Armed Forces of Ukraine beat on Snake Island from the self-propelled guns "Caesar" on barges

The Armed Forces of Ukraine used an extremely non-standard tactic of delivering strikes on Snake Island.

According to the Ukrainian military and American media, during the control of the Zmeiny Island by the Russian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the territory of the latter with the help of the French Caesar self-propelled guns placed on barges. This largely allowed to expand the range of attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to the fact that the island is at a distance of 50 kilometers, and the maximum range of fire of the Caesar howitzers is 40 kilometers, the Ukrainian military had to tow barges for another 10 kilometers to strike.

“To shell Russian positions on Serpent Island, Ukrainians put Caesars with a range of 40 kilometers on barges and towed them 10 kilometers to hit the island, which was 50 kilometers away”- The New York Times reported.

It is noteworthy that the French self-propelled artillery installations “Caesar” were used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to the fact that the latter had the least recoil and were the most stable when fired. The refusal to use M777 howitzers is probably due to the fact that these installations have low mobility and can be destroyed by counter-battery fire.


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