Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Donetsk with multiple rocket launchers late at night

Donetsk came under heavy fire from the Grad MLRS.

The strikes were carried out late at night in order to achieve the maximum reduction in vigilance and increase the effectiveness of hitting targets. As a result of attacks on the center of Donetsk by the Grad MLRS, there are both destruction and casualties.

The strikes of the MLRS "Grad" were recorded at 3 hours 49 minutes. At the same time, the attack was carried out from the direction of the settlement. Thin, located 10 kilometers from Donetsk. The strikes killed at least two people. At the same time, it is reported that a serious fire began in the city, which led to additional victims.

In order to minimize the likelihood of shelling of Donetsk and its suburbs, the front line must be moved to a distance of at least 30 kilometers from Donetsk, i.e., at least to the settlement of Selidovo in the west or to the settlement. Gorodovka in the northwest. This is not yet possible due to the most serious resistance from the Ukrainian army. However, the risks of attacks remain, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine have M142 HIMARS systems.


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