Armed Forces of Ukraine use the Dnieper for covert transfer of their troops

In the Kherson direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use the waters of the Dnieper to transfer their troops.

Small groups of Ukrainian military are moving from the territory already under the control of the Ukrainian military to the front line area, thus avoiding their immediate operational detection. And, apparently, we are talking, first of all, about sending reconnaissance groups.

Previously, attempts by the Ukrainian military to move along the Ingulets River were repeatedly recorded, using boats and rafts for this, in connection with which similar tactics began to be used by the Ukrainian military on the Dnieper. We are not talking about transferring from coast to coast - the movement is carried out exclusively within one coast, however, in this way, the Armed Forces of Ukraine get the opportunity to enter from the flanks. However, in such a case, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are deprived of any cover and can be detected and destroyed, not to mention the fact that the transfer of equipment and heavy weapons along the Dnieper is simply impossible.

At the moment, according to the head of the administration of the Kherson region Stremousov, the situation in the region has stabilized, however, there is a risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will still continue their attacks, moving towards Berislav. However, due to serious losses, Ukrainian troops do not risk moving into the open, as they can be destroyed by artillery and combat aircraft.


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