Armed forces use new tactics to divert strikes

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use balloons and special devices to divert missile strikes.

The Ukrainian army began to use rather unusual tactics to reduce the number of strikes on its military facilities and units, simulating the movement of aircraft, drones and armored vehicles using special devices. As it turned out, the Ukrainian military switched to the use of special reflector devices, thereby simulating the presence of equipment in the airspace and on the ground.

According to Ukrainian sources, recently the Armed Forces of Ukraine have switched to the use of balloons with corner reflectors attached to them. These rather simple devices can imitate the movement of aircraft, which forces them to react to it. Moreover, a similar situation is recorded on the ground, where in the most important areas reflectors are placed along secondary roads, while the movement of equipment is carried out along other paths and routes.

The tactic is not new, however, for the Armed Forces of Ukraine this is recorded for the first time. With the help of such methods, reconnaissance is greatly hampered and some targets can be issued as false ones, which makes such areas paramount for attacks.


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