Armed Forces of Ukraine use shahid robots stuffed with tens of kilograms of explosives

The Ukrainian army began to use shahid robots.

Against the background of the intensification of hostilities and the increase in the number of cases of the use of shahid mobiles, it became known that the Ukrainian army began to use shahid robots to carry out attacks. The latter are able to covertly move, are not visible to thermal imaging cameras and carry up to 20 kilograms of explosives, which can lead to extremely large destruction.

On the video footage published by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, you can see the use of one of these robotic systems. The robot captured in the video carries 12 kilograms of explosives and an MON-90 anti-personnel mine. This indicates that the robot can be simultaneously used both to destroy armored vehicles and to defeat manpower.

With the relatively low cost of such a robot and the ability to control it at a distance of several kilometers, such weapons really pose a very serious threat.

“Such a machine can be completely disabled before it reaches the target with a deadly load or approaches the line of defense. However, due to its small size, such a robot is very inconspicuous, and at night it is not possible to detect it at all., - the expert notes.

It should be noted that shahid robots began to be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine about a month ago.

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