Ukrainian Armed Forces control Stepovoe northwest of Avdiivka

Ukrainian troops retain control over the settlement. Stepovoye near Avdiivka.

Contrary to the information published by Russian war correspondents that the settlement of Stepovoye came under the control of the Russian army a few days ago, it turned out that the enemy still retains control over this settlement, as a result of which it has not yet been possible to block Avdiivka in the western direction. Such information is provided by Igor Strelkov.

According to Strelkov, the information previously voiced by Russian war correspondents about the capture of Stepovoe does not correspond to reality - the enemy still retains control over this settlement. This indicates that the Avdiivka encirclement, which Russian war correspondents announced, does not yet exist.

Official confirmation of the transition of this settlement under the control of the Russian army was also not made. However, judging by the video footage obtained by journalists, fierce battles are really going on in Avdiivka and the Ukrainian forces have so far been forced to give up their positions.

Avdiivka is one of the hottest points of military clashes on the front, along with Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) and Vuhledar.


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