Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated foreign mercenaries in Lisichansk because of the intentions of the latter to surrender

Dozens of foreign mercenaries were liquidated in Lisichansk, after the intentions of the latter to surrender.

After the Ukrainian military and members of private foreign military companies lost the initiative in Lysichansk, it became known that dozens of mercenaries were liquidated by Ukrainian troops, as PMC members from Georgia, the USA, Poland and France decided to voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender. Moreover, this applies not only to mercenaries, but also to foreign instructors who were present on the territory of Lysichansk along with representatives of the office of the President of Ukraine, which became known the day before. Such information is provided by the TASS news agency, citing its own sources.

“The Ukrainian military is destroying foreign instructors in Lisichansk, fearing that they will reveal secret data after being taken prisoner”, - reports the TASS news agency, citing its own sources.

It is known that the situation in Lisichansk and the surrounding area of ​​this city is indeed developing critically for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, especially against the backdrop of the loss of control over Severodonetsk, which was considered a key city in terms of maintaining control over the Donbass.

According to information available on social networks, until recently there were mercenaries and foreign mercenaries from Great Britain, France, Poland, the USA, the Netherlands, Georgia and other countries in Lysichansk. Moreover, we are talking about units with a total number of up to 250-300 people.