APU massively mine Kremennaya with German MARS II systems and prohibited mines

The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to bombard Kremennaya with banned German anti-tank mines, repeating the tactics with Liman.

The Ukrainian military began to use German MARS II multiple launch rocket systems against Kremennaya. Strikes using these systems have not yet been carried out, however, the Ukrainian military is carrying out remote laying of mines on the territory of the city - previously similar tactics were observed in the Liman area. Moreover, which is very remarkable, at the moment old versions of anti-tank mines are used, which are unable to deactivate themselves.

On the video footage presented in the story of the Russian war correspondent Yevgeny Lisitsyn, you can see German mines, the installation of which was carried out remotely using the German MLRS MARS II. It is noteworthy that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use mines that cannot be deactivated on their own. Previously, Ukrainian troops used similar tactics in Liman, thereby intending to cut off the approaches to the city. Subsequently, self-deactivating mines were also laid. At the same time, the deployment of the latter is carried out, as a rule, several hours before the start of the attack, in order to block the approach of the reserve forces, but also to avoid the destruction of the Ukrainian military equipment itself.


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