Armed Forces of Ukraine are massively transferring military equipment in the direction of Artyomovsk

Columns of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were seen moving in the direction of Artyomovsk.

Against the background of how the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced its intention to strengthen the defense of Artemovsk (Bakhmut), it became known that the Ukrainian army began an active transfer of weapons in the vicinity of this city. This, among other things, is evidenced by numerous video frames that capture moments with the transfer of armored vehicles, tanks and armored personnel carriers. This confirms the earlier reports that the Ukrainian army may try to launch a counterattack and strike on the flanks, which requires strengthening the assault on Artemivsk in order to prevent the initiative from being transferred to the Ukrainian military.

At the moment, it is known that there are about 10 Ukrainian military personnel on the territory of Artyomovsk itself, and about 15 more Ukrainian military personnel are located on the western outskirts of the city. Among other things, up to 10 battalions of Ukrainian troops are being additionally transferred here, which may well try to counterattack from the flanks, which, among other things, Prigozhin has already warned about.

The situation on the territory of Artyomovsk remains quite complicated, however, PMC "Wagner" is trying to drive the Armed Forces of Ukraine into a tactical encirclement, pressing the Seversky Donets to the river.

trasferimento truppe carri armati ecc.. ma come lo sanno i giornalisti, mi auguro che lo sappia anche chi coordina i militari russi. .perché non spediscono qualche altro missile interessante ipersonico ?


But what about PMC Wagner, which cut all paved roads?