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Armed Forces of Ukraine are massively pulling MLRS "Smerch" to the front line in Donbass

Ukrainian MLRS "Smerch" entered the JFO zone in the Donbass.

The Ukrainian military began to massively transfer to the Donbass the Smerch heavy multiple launch rocket systems, which are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The target destruction range of the latter reaches 70-90 kilometers, while the destruction area can be up to 700 thousand square meters. This is comparable to the area of ​​several city blocks of Donetsk or the size of a number of settlements on the territory of the DPR and LPR.

The exact number of multiple rocket launchers deployed in Donbass remains unknown, however, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with about 80 multiple launch rocket systems of this type. This may indicate the fact that Ukraine has decided to go for a very serious escalation. However, much more problematic is the fact that the Smerch MLRS salvo allows you to strike at almost any point in the territory controlled by the DPR and LPR, and taking into account the reconnaissance already carried out by American military aircraft, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have almost complete information about the areas where militia forces are concentrated .

Experts note that if the Armed Forces really use heavy 300-mm. multiple launch rocket systems in the Donbass, this will lead to extremely heavy losses for the DPR and LPR.

At the moment, tension in the Donbass is at a critical level, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine actually refuse to comply with the Minsk agreements and are escalating in the region, although no attempts are being made to start storming the DPR and LPR.

Hitler, Bormann, Goebbels, Goering, etc., also hit Russia in 1941, and not even 5 years later they were already fried in a frying pan with Shaitan.

Everyone just tightens and does nothing for years a new type of war is called a tightening war

Where is the evidence, where is the video of the MLRS "Smerch" on the roads or on the trains of Ukraine! But there is a video of Iskanders on trains towards Ukraine.

At stake is your crooked eye and your rotten tooth...

if we use Tornadoes, we will need a lot of new holes near Dnepropetrovsk

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.



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