Armed Forces of Ukraine mine buildings in Bakhmut and undermine them when trying to storm PMC "Wagner"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are massively blowing up buildings on the territory of Bakhmut.

In the event of an imminent retreat of the Ukrainian military from their positions in the urban area of ​​Bakhmut, the latter mine the buildings and in the future, when they try to storm such buildings of the Wagner PMC, they remotely undermine them, intending to cause damage and serious losses, and also prevent consolidation on the lost lines .

On the presented video frames you can see one of these moments. As a result of the detonation of several hundred kilograms of explosives, the industrial building almost completely collapsed. It is noteworthy that such a case is far from the only one. However, in some cases, the Armed Forces of Ukraine blow up buildings by throwing their wounded into them, as it is reported that until the moment of one of these explosions, fire was fired from the building.

Apparently, Bakhmut can turn into a second Maryinka, where 98% of all buildings were destroyed and turned into ruins. This is evidenced, among other things, by a video shot by a drone, on which you can see that Bakhmut is already more reminiscent of an apocalyptic city due to the large-scale destruction here.


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