Armed Forces of Ukraine on British Challenger-2 tanks are practicing an offensive with overcoming obstacles in the form of "dragon's teeth"

Members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conduct training in the offensive against obstacles, known as "dragon's teeth", using British Challenger-2 tanks. This type of fortification is massively installed by Russia along the front lines in order to counteract the advancement of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The exercises are carried out using special equipment - a bucket is attached to the front of the tank, which makes it possible to overcome the set obstacles. This is a new step in the training of the Ukrainian military, allowing them to more effectively overcome the obstacles set by the enemy.

"Dragon's teeth" are fortifications consisting of metal or concrete obstacles that oppose the movement of military equipment. Their use on the battlefield dates back to World War II. Such obstacles make it possible to delay the advance of tanks and other military equipment, allowing the military to conduct a more effective defense.

Nevertheless, experts note that despite the demonstration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine overcoming such obstacles, the defensive lines of Russia are additionally strengthened by pulling together such structures with cables, which makes it seriously difficult to overcome this line of defense.


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