Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use the new tactics of Himars MLRS strikes

The Ukrainian military began to use the new Himars MLRS tactics.

In the two months since the beginning of the use of the Himars MLRS by the Ukrainian military, the tactics of using these weapons have changed dramatically. This is evidenced by numerous video frames that appeared on the Web. This indicates the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine intend to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of these systems.

As it became known, if earlier the Ukrainian military operated exclusively at night, fearing the discovery of the Himars MLRS and their subsequent destruction, now these systems are used in all directions both in the daytime and at night. Moreover, if earlier they used bundles of two Himars systems operating from specially equipped positions, now the Armed Forces of Ukraine use fugitive attacks. As follows from the arguments of analysts, the Himars MLRS move along an absolutely unpredictable route, carrying out strikes against pre-identified targets. After firing one package of missiles, the complexes move further, where attacks are again made at the most convenient point.

How many Himars MLRS remains in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine today is unknown, however, the number of shellings today is by no means reduced, which, by the way, may be due to the appearance in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine of 9 launchers M270 MLRS and MARS II, delivered from the UK and Germany.

The day before, it became known that the M31 GMLRS missiles used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are immune to the operation of electronic warfare systems due to the characteristics of the GPS range used.