Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use guns KS-19 produced in 1949

Anti-aircraft guns made in 1949 were seen at the APU.

The critical shortage of weapons in Ukraine forced the Armed Forces of Ukraine to resort to the use of truly rare weapons. So, the KS-19 anti-aircraft guns, produced in 1949, were seen in service with the Ukrainian army.

For obvious reasons, such anti-aircraft weapons are ineffective against modern aircraft and cruise missiles. However, in all likelihood, as captured in the video footage, the guns are used to strike at ground targets.

How many such guns are in service with Ukraine is unknown, however, today it is perhaps one of the oldest types of weapons used by the Ukrainian military - the use of the Maxim machine gun may be an exception.

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not comment on such video footage, however, they indicate that the Ukrainian army is experiencing a serious shortage of weapons.

KS-19 is an anti-aircraft artillery gun developed in the USSR in 1949. It was intended to destroy air targets at altitudes up to 15 km and had large-caliber shells of 100 mm caliber. The gun was mounted on a mobile platform and equipped with an optical sight.


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