The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to mine the approaches to Liman, trying to cut off all approaches to the city

The Armed Forces of Ukraine set more than 300 mines on the outskirts of Liman, trying to block the transfer of reserves.

After the Ukrainian troops entrenched themselves on the approaches to the Liman and were making so far unsuccessful attempts to take this city by storm, it became known that the Ukrainian military began to remotely mine the approaches to the city from the side of Torsk and the settlement of Zarechnoye. Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to cut off the transfer of reinforcements to Liman.

At the moment, it is known that the Ukrainian military fired 12 missiles using the German MARS II systems in the direction of Torsk. The latter, however, were not used for strikes, but had cassettes for remote mining of the territory. Given that each of the missiles is equipped with 28 anti-tank mines, a total of 336 AT-2 anti-tank mines were installed.

Some of these mines have already been successfully defused, however, the fact that such mines can also be used against people, which is facilitated by a rather sensitive detonation mechanism, creates serious obstacles.

The mining of the approaches to the Liman may lead to the fact that in the next few hours the Ukrainian troops will make new attempts to carry out counterattack operations in this direction.


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