Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an unexpected tank offensive in the Kherson region

Ukrainian troops went on the attack in the Kherson region.

Despite the fact that numerous attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to go on the attack in this direction were crowned with numerous losses, it became known that in the evening the Ukrainian troops suddenly decided to attack the defense lines. Information on this subject is provided by the Telegram channel of the Military Korps of the Russian Spring.

According to the information provided, Ukrainian troops launched a surprise offensive using heavy armored vehicles, attacking from the north.

“Today, 1 tank battalion and 1 infantry battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine moved out from Novovorontsovka in the direction of Khreschenovka and Lyubimovka. They were quickly noticed by our scouts from quadrocopters. Howitzers and Grads began to hit the advancing forces. After volleys of MLRS, the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to hide in the landings, destroying the battle formation. Our reserves pulled up to the battlefield., - it is said in the message of the journalists of the publication "Russian Spring".

At the moment, a number of sources report that as a result of the offensive, the Ukrainian military lost at least 8 tanks, as well as other military equipment, and therefore were forced to retreat.

As it turned out, the attack was carried out from the side of the Novovorontsovka settlement, however, by the current moment, there are no official data on this matter.


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