The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to intensively hit on Svatovo and Kremennaya

The Armed Forces of Ukraine stepped up their strikes on Svatovo and Kremennaya.

Despite the fact that the Russian military launched an intensive offensive in the Limansky direction, forcing the Ukrainian troops to retreat to a distance of about 10 kilometers in some sectors of the front, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to more actively strike at the territory of the cities of Svatovo and Kremennaya, using not only cannon artillery, but also but also HIMARS systems. This is evidenced by the regular reports of the LPR representation in the JCCC.

According to the data presented, only over the past weekend in n.p. Svatovo was struck at least six times with HIMARS systems, and the settlement was hit by HIMARS. Flint inflicted 4 hits of 155 mm. western-style cannon artillery. Previously, the blows were delivered not so intensively. This indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to win back the lost positions, although it is more than likely that they will not be able to go on the counteroffensive.

The situation at the Svatovo-Kremennaya line remains very difficult, because during the long stay of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian troops erected a large number of fortifications and equipped observation posts that allow them to defend themselves. At the same time, over the past few days, Russian troops have managed to seriously push Ukrainian troops away from Kremennaya.


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