AGM-88 missile


APU for the first time struck with American anti-radar missiles AGM-88

Ukraine began shelling by American wings with AGM-88 anti-radar missiles.

The first use of American cruise anti-radar missiles was recorded thanks to the surviving fragments of one of the missiles, which is said to have successfully hit a target. The name on the wreckage of the BSU-60 rocket means that we are talking about the AGM-88 cruise missile - the latter were not officially delivered to Ukraine, however, the Pentagon announced the imminent delivery of “special cruise missiles” to Ukraine to combat air defense, as previously news agency has already reported.

In the presented photographs, you can see the wreckage of the rocket, after the latter hit the target. It was not possible to establish a variant of the missile, however, today there are AGM-88 missiles with a range of hitting targets up to 111 kilometers, which poses a rather serious threat.

Where exactly the fragments of the downed missile were found has not yet been specified, however, if the United States provided Ukraine with cruise anti-radar missiles in large enough quantities, this would pose a very serious threat to air defense systems covering the territories controlled by Russia, the LPR and the DPR and would make it possible to APU strikes more effective.

What exactly was the launch of such missiles by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is unknown, however, in all likelihood, we are talking about a ground installation.


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