APU struck with two Himars MLRS, firing at least 7 missiles

The American M142 Himars MLRS that arrived in Ukraine delivered the first blows.

The Ukrainian military has published the first video footage of the use of multiple rocket launchers M-142 Himars. According to preliminary data, the strikes were delivered a day earlier, which was already reported by Ukrainian information resources, although no official confirmation of this information was provided.

The video footage presented shows the strikes of at least seven long-range M-30A1 rockets, with a target destruction range of up to 70 kilometers. In which direction the strikes were carried out and what became the goal of the Ukrainian military is not specified, however, the United States is directly involved in the strikes with these weapons, since earlier in Washington they announced that they would fully control the use of these weapons and give out coordinates for striking blows.

Journalists from the news agency managed to find out that two Himars M142 MLRS systems, captured on video, were deployed in the south of Ukraine, in the Odessa region, while two more launchers are located in the central part of Ukraine.

Earlier, the State Duma of the Russian Federation called for strikes against Kyiv for the supply of these weapons to the United States.

“In my opinion, today the reaction should also take place on those countries that supply weapons. And not just to destroy infrastructure and so on, but I think the main decision-making center is the US Embassy. I think that sooner or later this will become a target for the Russian armed forces. My position is that it is necessary to destroy the government quarter in Kyiv, it is necessary to destroy the corresponding points. Yes, this work is being carried out by the Ministry of Defense, but more massive strikes need to be delivered. ”, - said the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Yuri Shvytkin.