Shooting at night


Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked 4 kilometers from the Russian border

The Ukrainian Armed Forces go to serious provocations near the Russian border.

The Ukrainian military went to a very serious provocation just 4 kilometers from the Russian border. According to information that was at the disposal of the news agency, Ukrainian troops launched a series of attacks on the settlement of Nikolaevka, hiding behind the Russian border. The attacks were launched from the eastern outskirts of the Bolotennoye settlement, and, far from the first time, this settlement, controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is located only 4 kilometers from the Russian border.

It is known about the use of mortars and mainly small arms. At the same time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces believed that the LPR units would open fire in the direction of the Russian border, thereby exposing the Russian border guards and the military to attack. Despite the seriousness of the situation, the LPR militias did not return fire, however, such provocations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine cause very serious concern.

Experts believe that, acting in this direction, the Ukrainian troops intend to cut off the territory of the LPR from the Russian border at least partially. Subsequently, this will make it possible to launch an offensive from this direction, especially since the Russian side has given guarantees that it does not intend to unleash any hostilities against Ukraine. Once cut off from the Russian border, the territory of the LPR may find itself under the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without the possibility of retaliatory strikes, since in this case there is a risk of accidental attacks on Russian servicemen.

Always act according to the situation! Don't be scattered with promises!

It's just that Russia can strengthen its position by force and economy. But Ukraine cannot.

Nobody guaranteed you the first. Read the meaning of the word memorandum. Secondly, Ukraine did not have nuclear weapons. The RSFSR had it stationed in the Ukraine.

And Ukraine promised to maintain neutrality, which it scored in a short time. This means that the violation of the contract can be recorded from this moment and relieved of obligations. As for nuclear weapons, Ukraine did not when they did not belong. We look at the succession of the Russian Federation from the USSR. We put an end to it and stop talking nonsense without knowing international law.

The words "who is stronger is right" has its own courtyard logic. But, since you are right and they perceive us that way, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries began to intensively arm themselves. Will it make it easier for us? I wonder what?

And Ukraine was guaranteed territorial integrity in exchange for renouncing nuclear weapons. So 1: 1.

The main thing is that Lavrov and his company are concerned. That's just from this "concern" zero.

That "they listen attentively" is good, maybe it will save their lives later. And for "repetition" (copying), adequate forces, capabilities and resources are needed. For more than seven years, none have been found and are not expected, and the hope for the West is weak

“They’re on their own territory” ... But in Donbass they don’t think so. And why should the Ukrainian Armed Forces fire at the controlled settlement? On accounting for ammunition to report or the type of journalist Butusov came to visit?

Minister Sergei Lavrov, answering a question about the reasons for the concentration of our troops on the border with Ukraine, replied that we are doing what we think is necessary on our territory. It is logical, although it does not correspond to international agreements. Maybe the Ukrainian leaders read Lavrov's statements and act according to his logic? This instills optimism - it means that we are a great power as long as we are carefully listened to and repeated.

Why not. Once if friendly Ukraine is asked

And NATO also gave guarantees that it would not expand towards the Russian borders.

They're on their own territory, aren't they? They can do whatever they want there, isn't that what Putin says?