APU called the main drawback of American howitzers M777

In Ukraine, they complained about the main drawback of the American M777 howitzers.

Against the background of how the Ukrainian military lost about 85% of the American M777 howitzers, the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the main drawback of this weapon, which led to a large number of destroyed and disabled guns of this type. As it turned out, the main problem of M777 howitzers is their low mobility, and therefore, attempts to strike lead to the need to immediately think about retreat.

According to the Ukrainian military, after 2-3 volleys, the deployment positions of M777 light howitzers are revealed and counterattacks are launched on them. Attempts to quickly withdraw the howitzers are not possible, since the process takes a long time. Moreover, according to the Ukrainian military, howitzers are very quickly damaged by fragments of exploding ammunition, which makes them unsuitable for further use, while the repair of guns is very lengthy.

This problem was probably taken into account by other countries, since the M777 howitzers were no longer supplied to Ukraine and were replaced by self-propelled artillery mounts, which are more mobile and more resistant to damage.