Ukrainian Armed Forces bombed DPR positions in Dokuchaevsk for several hours in a row

For several hours in a row, Ukrainian troops attacked DPR positions in the Dokuchaevsk area.

Several unsuccessful attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to seize Dokuchaevsk led to new fierce attacks on the positions of the DPR militia in this region. According to the information at the disposal of the information and news agency Avia., According to the data, in three hours, Ukrainian troops unleashed more than a hundred strikes on Dokuchaevsk.

On the presented video frames, you can see and hear powerful strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the DPR positions in Dokuchaevsk and its environs.

Judging by the materials presented, the strikes were not at all single. At the same time, given the absence of their randomness, the attack was carried out either at previously known positions of the militia, or the strikes were corrected from an unmanned aerial vehicle. Among other things, we can talk about the use of Bayraktar TB2 drones - one of these was seen moving from the east towards Donbass, however, due to the disabled transponder, it is not possible to determine its real route of movement.

Earlier it became known that Dokuchaevsk is one of the priority areas for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in connection with which strikes in this region are observed almost daily. Moreover, the Ukrainian troops are using not only artillery, but also small arms, which indicates a shift in the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the east.