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Ukrainian Armed Forces storm Dokuchaevsk for several days

The DPR announced the attempts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to occupy Dokuchaevsk.

Ukrainian troops launched an assault on Dokuchaevsk. This is not the first attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to take control of this large city on the territory of the DPR-controlled territory, however, according to the militia of the self-proclaimed republic under the call sign "Vympel", the situation is currently very difficult - over the next few days, the militia may leave this region under a storm strikes of the APU.

“In the coming days, the situation may repeat itself when Dokuchaevsk will be busy, independent military correspondents will write about this in social networks, the official figures of the pen and keyboard will go into hysterics about“ ours are beating with Grads ”and“ our city ”, and in 3-4 days we will see footage as armed SBU officers walk around the city center, raise Ukrainian flags and harass abandoned equipment of the DPR army. Nobody does anything to prevent shame and misfortune. In the coming days, we may no longer lose a small village, but already a rather large city of regional significance ", - leads statement militia DNR edition "URA-Inform".

Officials from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic do not comment on the militia’s statement, however, given the data on social networks, as well as the official statement of the Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are indeed conducting an offensive, using not only artillery, but also small arms. This indicates that reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already on the outskirts of this settlement.



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