Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the territory of the Stirol enterprise in Gorlovka at night

The attacks on Gorlovka were carried out with the help of artillery late at night.

As a result of multiple artillery strikes, there are very serious damages on the territory of the Stirol enterprise located in Gorlovka. Information about the victims and victims has not yet been given, however, due to numerous strikes, very serious damage was caused to the operating enterprise.

In the pictures and photographs taken immediately after the shelling, one can see that the production buildings of the Stirol plant, infrastructure facilities, as well as the territory of the enterprise are littered with multiple debris. One of the buildings of the plant is almost completely destroyed.

At the moment, specialists are working at the site of the shelling, who will have to assess the damage caused by artillery shelling, however, judging by the video footage and pictures from the scene of the emergency, the situation for the enterprise is critical.

Where exactly the shelling was carried out remains unknown, however, serious damage indicates the use of large-caliber long-range artillery.



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