Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a powerful missile attack on Kremennaya

Kremennaya turned out to be the most powerful missile attack from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A few hours ago, the Ukrainian military inflicted at least 7 strikes on Kremennaya using HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. This is one of the largest attacks on the territory of the city using such weapons. At the moment, it is known about at least three victims and extremely serious damage, where work is underway at the moment.

Attacks on Kremennaya are carried out by the Ukrainian military on a regular basis, however, often we are talking about delivering single strikes and using cannon artillery. However, the current attack is of a massive nature, and despite the fact that the strike was carried out around 14 pm, there are no details regarding the destruction to date.

Experts do not exclude that the reason for everything could be a tip from local residents, since a similar situation was previously recorded in Stakhanov, where just a few hours after the publication of a photo with the military in the city, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine still consider Kremennaya as one of the targets for their attacks.


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