Armed Forces of Ukraine brought down HIMARS strikes on Rubizhne and Kremennaya

The territory of the LPR came under a massive attack by HIMARS systems.

This morning on the territory of the settlement. Rubizhnoye and Kremennaya were hit multiple times using HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. It is not known which objects became targets, however, earlier, due to a video published by Russian military commanders, a hangar with T-90M Proryv tanks was discovered on the territory of Rubizhne.

According to official data, this morning in the territory of the settlement. Kremennaya was struck 4 times using HIMARS systems. Ten minutes later, the same installation brought down two blows on the settlement. Frontier. There is no information about the destruction and casualties yet, however, recently Ukrainian troops have been using American installations to deliver accurate pinpoint strikes.

How many HIMARS MLRS launchers are currently in service with Ukraine is unknown, however, in recent months the number of cases of using these weapons has decreased significantly, which may be due to both the loss of launchers and a serious shortage of ammunition for them.


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