The Armed Forces of Ukraine have more than 50 long-range and medium-range air defense divisions

More than 50 long-range and medium-range air defense divisions remain in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Despite numerous strikes on the location of Ukrainian air defense systems, it turned out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine still have a fairly large number of long and medium-range air defense systems. According to a number of experts, the Ukrainian military is armed with at least 20 divisions of the S-300 air defense system and at least 30 divisions of the Buk air defense system.

“Twenty S300PT/PS divisions and one S-300V1 division. A little less than thirty Buk-M1 air defense systems. Two dozen S-300s and three dozen Beeches are serious. This is about 40% of what it was at the beginning of the special operation, but it’s a lot.”, - reports "Telegram" channel "Fighterbomber".

It is not known how reliable such estimates are, however, sources previously reported that, according to data at the beginning of May, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were armed with about 70 divisions of anti-aircraft missile systems of various types. Nevertheless, experts express concerns that other countries may also transfer their air defense systems to Ukraine, in particular, Finland is one of the largest owners of Buk systems, but there are also significant risks that small and medium-sized air defense systems NATO countries can also transmit ranges.

“Even if NATO transfers short and medium-range air defense systems to Ukraine, this already poses a threat to military aviation, not to mention the fact that it is impossible to assess the effectiveness of NATO air defense systems against cruise missiles”, - the expert marks.

Previously, it was assumed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had no more than 20% of these complexes, however, there were much more of them.