Armed Forces of Ukraine received unusual drones that can carry explosives

Australia donated 500 cardboard drone kits to Ukraine.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, despite their fuselage material, are capable of not only flying over considerable distances, but can also carry up to 5 kilograms of explosives. However, the key feature of these drones is that they are invisible to radar equipment - according to the Australian manufacturer, such drones have already been used in Ukraine at least 60 times.

“Drones are delivered to Ukraine in the form of flat sheets of heavy-duty cardboard, from which you can easily and quickly assemble aircraft. So that they do not get wet from rain and snow, the manufacturer covers the cardboard with wax. SYPAQ drones can be launched manually or with a catapult. Their carrying capacity, depending on the model, ranges from three to five kilograms. Cardboard devices can be in flight for up to three hours and cover distances from 40 to 120 km., according to The Australian.

The supply of such drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in such large quantities is a rather serious concern, since the shipment of such drones to Ukraine, according to The Australian, is carried out on a monthly basis.



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