Attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Chervonopopovka


APU suffered catastrophic losses, trying to counterattack in the LPR

The Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered catastrophic losses as a result of an unsuccessful counterattack in the Chervonopopovka area.

In the course of an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to change control over a small region, the Ukrainian army suffered catastrophic losses. As it turned out, the Russian military was fully prepared for an attack by the Ukrainian army and therefore used the potential to strike at the advancing Ukrainian troops.

On the presented video frames, you can see the counterattack of the Ukrainian army near the village of Chervonopopovka (LPR). On video footage, you can see that Ukrainian troops are trying to carry out a massive attack with the occupation of a defensive line. However, as a result of just a few accurate strikes, the Ukrainian army lost an entire unit - the latter never reached the defensive line of the Russian army.

Experts note that counterattacks carried out in open areas are almost always accompanied by extremely large losses, and in this case, such video frames are an excellent confirmation of this.

Today, thanks to the active advance of the Russian army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to push back to the Torskoye, and in the Kupyansk direction, fighting is already taking place just a few kilometers from the regional center of the Kharkov region.


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