The Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered colossal losses during an attempt to retreat from Avdiivka

The retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Avdiivka, which has long been considered a fortress of Ukrainian defense, caused a wide resonance in the information space and among Western officials, experts and journalists. This event led to a radical change in the perception of the course of the conflict. In an attempt to soften the impact of the defeat, Kyiv authorities announced a planned withdrawal to more advantageous positions, arguing that this saved the lives of many troops and that losses were minimal.

However, the real picture on the ground turned out to be much more complex. Viktor Bilyak, a soldier of the 110th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, shared information with local media that attempts to leave the almost surrounded city twice ended in huge losses for his unit. According to him, the Ukrainian command lost control of the situation, ordering during the retreat to destroy the remaining weapons and leave the wounded in their positions.

Thus, the retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Avdiivka was not just a tactical maneuver, but also a serious blow to the reputation of the Ukrainian leadership.


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