Ukrainian Armed Forces carried in Donbass


Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered the largest losses in Donbass over the past few months

The Ukrainian Armed Forces began to suffer serious losses in Donbass.

Over the past day, the military personnel of the VSK, whose units are located in the demarcation zone in the Donbass, suffered the largest losses in several months in a day. Thus, according to information obtained by the news agency, as a result of strikes by the LPRNR forces, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost three servicemen in the demarcation zone, another Ukrainian serviceman was wounded.

According to preliminary data, we are talking about a sabotage group that tried to attack one of the observation posts equipped by the militia, but was destroyed. These are the largest losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a day over the past few months, and although official Kiev has not yet commented on such information, there is evidence that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are demoralized so that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not yet decided to go on the offensive, even despite the fact that the strength of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is five times greater.

To date, the situation in Donbass remains critical, and although official Kiev assures that no offensive actions are planned in the region, Ukrainian troops continue to gather here.

Forgive me, but a photo of a military man in a moss cape, like "goblin", is very similar to Basilio's Cat and his hand is outstretched ..)))
Judging by the visible camouflage, this is not a Russian "number" :)))

Missiles are also directed at the Netherlands.

Something is not impressive ... Three dead and one wounded in a day - is that so catastrophically a lot? There were days when the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost much more.

And the news above says that the LPR and DPR can be taken with bare hands. Who to believe ???????

Banderlog argue that the Russian military are in the LPNR ... Who knows. Who knows., ;)

I live in Moldova. In 2014, he asked our military if anything would go to war with Russia? They gave a short answer - salaries in Russia are 5 times higher than ours. Who wants to die in the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the devil knows what?