APU lost the first howitzer AHS Krab

The Ukrainian army lost the first Polish howitzer AHS Krab.

During the next shelling with the use of the Polish howitzer AHS Krab, the barrel of the latter was torn off. This was not due to the detonation of the ammunition inside the bore, but probably due to a defect or severe wear of the howitzer barrel, as indicated by the presence of damage characteristic of this. Given the lack of spare parts, the repair of the Polish howitzer may take some time.

In the presented image, you can see that as a result of the shot, the barrel of the Polish howitzer AHS Krab literally broke into two parts. Moreover, part of the trunk was thrown a considerable distance, although there are no traces of a gap on it. In connection with what this happened is unknown, however, experts believe that we are talking about a factory defect.

According to the Ukrainian military, no one was injured as a result of the incident, however, now Ukraine has lost at least one Western self-propelled guns, which should weaken the Ukrainian army for at least the next week.

How many Polish self-propelled artillery mounts AHS Krab are in service with the Ukrainian army is unknown, since in addition to official deliveries, arms were also delivered without advertising it.


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