The Ukrainian Armed Forces made a large-scale attempt to cross the Dnieper in the Krynok area

The night before, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) attempted a large-scale crossing of the Dnieper in the area of ​​the left bank Krynkovsky bridgehead. The operation involved formations of the 35th and 37th separate marine brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which were supported by FPV drones and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the 14th unmanned aviation regiment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to Russian Weapon, during enemy actions an attempt was made to strike one of the logistics hubs and the command and control center in the Novaya Mayachka area using HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. Self-propelled firing systems of the mixed anti-aircraft missile regiment, represented by the Buk-M2/3 and Tor-M2 military anti-aircraft missile systems, managed to shoot down some of the GMLRS missiles.

Units of the Dnepr group, using FPV copters with infrared homing heads, as well as BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicles with Sheksna multi-channel gunner sights, actively fired at enemy boats that were heading to the left bank. Additional support was provided by Ka-52 attack helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces Army Aviation.

This attempt to cross the Dnieper and subsequent actions indicate the continuing deterioration of the situation in this region.


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