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Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced 1.5 kilometers to the borders of the DPR

Ukrainian troops approached the settlement of Yasnoye.

The settlement of Yasnoe, located in the so-called "gray zone" in the Donbass, may become the next target of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to local residents, Ukrainian troops were able to advance one and a half kilometers to the borders of the settlement. So far, we are talking exclusively about Ukrainian military personnel - military equipment in this area has not been noticed, however, apparently, the situation for this region is becoming critical.

«There, the landing is a kilometer by kilometer. It starts at the top, reaches the bet. They were in the pit. And behind the planting vineyards. So they have already reached the end of the vineyard ", - says a resident of the settlement. Clear.

Judging by the information provided, over the past few weeks, Ukrainian troops were able to advance in this direction by one and a half kilometers, and at the moment, approximately the same distance separates them from Yasnoye, the capture of which allows the Armed Forces of Ukraine to proceed to the assault on Dokuchaevsk.

It should be noted that there are no DPR units on the territory of the Yasnoye settlement. In fact, this can lead to the imminent seizure of this settlement, as happened with the settlement of Staromaryevka, which raises serious concerns.

Slowly but stubbornly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will knock out bandit formations called "militias" from their sovereign territories in the Donbas - it's only a matter of time