Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Melitopol, reported four explosions

APU attacked Melitopol, four explosions are reported.

This morning, the territory of Melitopol was subjected to multiple artillery shelling by the Ukrainian military. According to journalists, the attack took place at 8:15 am. In total, four explosions thundered in the city, while there were victims and serious damage.

On the video footage obtained by journalists, one can see the consequences of one of the artillery strikes. As a result of hitting an unidentified object, there was a strong explosion, after which a powerful fire began, the nature of which has not yet been disclosed by the city authorities.

Sources from the field report that as a result of the shelling of Melitopol, a building near the multidisciplinary college on 50th anniversary of Victory Avenue was partially destroyed. However, there are also destructions of other buildings in the city.

Emergency services are currently on the scene. Local residents report a large number of moving ambulances.

With the use of what kind of weapons the shelling was carried out, it is not specified.


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