Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to arrange a provocation against Russia by placing weapons near NATO borders

Ukrainian weapons are deployed near the borders of NATO, in order to arrange a provocation.

In recent Ukrainian strikes, it became known that Ukrainian weapons are being deployed along NATO borders, in areas where Russian weapons either fall short of their targets, or where there is a risk that strikes could fall on NATO territory or in violation of Alliance borders.

According to foreign sources, during the strikes on the Zmeiny Island, self-propelled artillery mounts were deployed in the area of ​​\u777b\uXNUMXbthe settlement of Vilkovo, which is just a kilometer from the border with Romania. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, MXNUMX artillery pieces were deployed by the Ukrainian military on Kubansky Island, which is also located on the border with Romania. In fact, such a provocation can result in very serious consequences, since the risk of deflecting the blow still exists.

In addition, experts also pay attention to the fact that the Ukrainian military can deploy their weapons in areas covered by the borders of neighboring states, for example, the same Romania and Moldova, where Russian Iskander cruise missiles get under very serious restrictions, and ships and submarines with Caliber cruise missiles are forced to stay only in a straight line for attack in order to prevent the penetration of missiles into Romanian airspace, as this will entail a conflict with the Western military bloc.