Armed Forces of Ukraine expect to continue holding Bakhmut until mid-May

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are skeptical about the surrender of Bakhmut in April.

According to the Ukrainian military, the situation in Bakhmut is extremely difficult at the moment, however, despite the forced retreat from positions in the eastern and central parts of Bakhmut, the western districts of the city are covered by Chasovoy Yar, as well as by artillery located to the southwest, west and northwest.

According to various estimates, monthly losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut amount to 3-4 thousand people, especially after the Russian troops successfully took control of all the routes leading to the city under fire control, and also began to squeeze the Ukrainian military out of the eastern, northern and southern parts cities. However, according to Ukrainian military estimates, the loss of control over Bakhmut is unlikely to be possible before May this year.

According to experts, while continuing to keep Bakhmut under control, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to create a group of troops for subsequent counterattack operations in this direction. However, in the absence of combat aviation means (and it became known that Poland refused to transfer its fighters to Kiev without explanation), a large-scale attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine can lead to large-scale losses, which will automatically enable Russian units to advance up to Kramatorsk, with further exit to the border of the DPR.


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