Artillery 122 mm APU


Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed howitzers at Donetsk airport

Howitzers have been deployed at the Donetsk International Airport.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine quickly stepped up after negotiations between Russia and NATO ended inconclusively, starting to pull their heavy weapons to the front line. According to the data that journalists of the news agency managed to find out, 122-mm howitzers are currently deployed on the territory of Donetsk International Airport. According to the source, we are talking about at least three guns that are supposed to be used to strike at Donetsk. At the same time, information on this subject is also confirmed by representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, although it is argued that we are talking about only one 122-mm. guns.

Deployment 122 mm. howitzers at the Donetsk International Airport allows the Armed Forces of Ukraine to deliver large-scale artillery strikes not only on the suburbs of Donetsk, but also on Donetsk itself, which, in the conditions of a possible assault on Donbass, can play a key role. In addition, there is a serious risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will strike at civilian infrastructure.

“The goals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be roads and railways, residential buildings, oil and gas storage facilities, etc. It is more than likely that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to create a panic, which will create a serious threat of shifting the front to the east, and this will already become an aid to the capture of Donetsk. In addition, by attacking railways and roads, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can create a problem for the arrival of Russian peacekeepers.”, - the expert marks.

Since the beginning of this year, the confrontation in the Donbass has intensified, and US aircraft flights indicate the fact that there will be an attack on the DPR and LPR, and in the very near future.

Let me remind you, if you didn’t know, Russia allowed part of its territory (Ukraine) to secede against the will of the people and the referendum of March 1991, as well as in violation of the Constitution - subject to the neutral status of Ukraine and the absence of nuclear weapons ...

APU at Donetsk airport? Remember 2015?

Good targets for MLRS "Smerch"

Are you in your area?

3 guns is power. how to get this nonsense on both sides.

3 howitzers is cool

So they are on their territory, why worry?

And what, Donetsk has already been captured or handed over to Ukraine?

What do they allow themselves? After all, they know that the answer will arrive.