Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed HIMARS systems just 20 kilometers from Donetsk

The Ukrainian military fearlessly deploys HIMARS systems only 20 kilometers from Donetsk.

On the video footage released by the Ukrainian military, filmed in the suburbs of Donetsk, you can see evidence of another shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces with HIMARS systems. The launches were allegedly carried out from the area of ​​the Ocheretino settlement, located only 20 kilometers from Donetsk and about 10 kilometers from the front line. This indicates that the Ukrainian military is completely fearlessly deploying such weapons in the affected area not only with artillery and aircraft, but also with conventional tanks and mortars.

In the video footage, you can see how two launchers fire eight volleys of guided precision-guided munitions at once. The latter allegedly left in the direction of N. p. Khartsyzsk, although it is not yet known exactly when such video footage was taken.

The deployment of such systems directly near the front line indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are aware that they are able to withdraw launchers before they are hit back, especially since the launches themselves took only 40 seconds.


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