The Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed a large number of air defense systems less than 40 km from the Russian border - provocations are being prepared

Kiev is preparing provocations and deploying its air defense systems near the Russian border.

The Russian military and the special monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded the transfer of Ukrainian air defense systems to the Russian borders. As it became known to the news agency, at the moment at least three Osa anti-aircraft missile systems have been deployed to the area of ​​the settlement of Geyevka (under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - ed.), However, the number of complexes may be large , and their composition may include medium-range air defense systems.

As follows from the data provided by the sources, at the moment, the transfer of three Osa anti-aircraft missile systems has been recorded, which are part of a separate anti-aircraft missile battery of the 79th separate air assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The complexes are deployed less than 40 kilometers from the Russian border. Moreover, in this section, in the airspace of Russia, civil aviation facilities regularly fly. This raises a number of questions as to whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing a serious provocation.

“The LPR has no combat aircraft or large drones that could be shot down by the Wasp complexes. One would guess. that Kiev is afraid of a "Russian invasion", but two days ago in Ukraine they announced that the invasion of Russia was completely ruled out, and after that air defense systems were deployed here ", - the expert marks.

At the moment, there are no official statements from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this regard.

You either do not understand anything, or, as they say now, you are an inagent. All the best.

So, when Russia is pulling air defense assets to the Ukrainian border, this is not a provocation? And when Ukraine places the same thing on its territory, it is already a povocation. Here it is the policy of double standards in all its glory!

Well, send a couple of Buks to ORDLO to protect civilian airlines. The Malaysian Boeing has already been "defended" ...

From the airborne unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Judging by the fact that we are talking about the "Wasp" air defense system, and in the photo the "Buk" air defense missile system they again want to beat the civilian side, no matter whose, and blame Ukraine!

SAM "Osa" affected area in height: from 10 to 5 m, in range: 000 - 1,5 km. Civil aircraft fly along the route at an altitude of 10,3-10 km. Just don’t say that "Wasp" will get them - ridiculous!

Guys, you will decide ...
According to some news, Ukrainian troops are pulling air defense to the border with Russia, friend-Russian troops to the border with Ukraine.

Option - Wasp covers more long-range means. (place in the layered system). Well, here both options can be. , either "aggression" or "provocation". Take your pick.

It is dangerous for the APU to have such installations.

Air defense is a weapon of defense against attack. To the border of the Russian Federation - 40 km. The real range of the Wasp is up to 8 km. So whose provocations do you expect?

Which? They are at home.