The Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed Tochka-U tactical missile systems 30 kilometers from Crimea. Video

The actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the Russian borders began to be menacing.

A few hours ago, just 30 kilometers from the border with Crimea, Tochka tactical missile systems were sighted. The "Tochki" transfer to this area was caught by a car DVR camera, and, apparently, Ukrainian tactical missile systems will be deployed exactly near the Russian borders, which is threatening, since missiles can easily reach Simferopol and the Crimean bridge from this area.

On the presented video frames, you can see the transportation of at least two Tochka launchers, and, at the moment, the deployment area of ​​these OTRKs remains unknown.

To date, Russia has weapons in its arsenal to combat missiles of operational-tactical missile systems, however, the very fact of the deployment of "Tochki" in a few tens of kilometers from the Russian borders already creates a serious threat.

According to experts, if the complexes are indeed deployed near the Crimean borders, Russia will similarly respond to such measures, but already by deploying Iskander tactical missile systems, which are much more powerful and destructive compared to the Tochki.

Well, if "specialist" Ruslan does not see the difference between the three-axle amphibious automobile chassis BAZ-5921 "Tochki" and the chassis MZKT-7930 for Iskander, then woe to us.

Svidomye forgot the main idea of ​​the Supreme Commander-in-Chief: "A retaliatory strike will be made at the headquarters, from where the command for the" Start "came.

As I see, the GUEST is a great "specialist" in military equipment!

What a road !? By the way, today is the day of the MTR. That's the job / goal for them :)

And the fact that Iskander is not embarrassed in the photo?