Ukrainian Armed Forces dropped more than 100 German anti-tank mines on the territory of Donetsk

Ukrainian troops, using remote mining systems, dropped more than a hundred mines on Donetsk.

The JCCC reports that the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled several districts of Donetsk with remote mining systems using special ammunition with self-liquidators. According to a number of data, M270 MLRS multiple rocket launchers were used for strikes. This, taking into account the amount of ammunition fired, means that over 100 anti-tank mines can be located on the territory of Donetsk (one ammunition carries 28 mines at a time).

At the moment, a search is underway on the territory of Donetsk for mines dropped on residential areas. Considering that the latter pose a threat not only to tanks, but also to people due to the high sensitivity of the sensors, it is strictly forbidden to approach such objects.

Self-destruction of such munitions usually occurs within 72 hours, although there is a risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to throw mines into the territory of Donetsk in order to paralyze traffic in the city.

It is not yet officially known how many shells with mines were fired at Donetsk, however, in one full salvo, the M270 MLRS system is capable of laying 336 mines.


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