Ukrainian Armed Forces hit Donbass again with American Javelins

American Javelins are hitting the Donbass again.

Despite statements by representatives of the DPR and LPR that the American Javelin anti-tank missile systems transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces were not used in Donbas, it became known that, in addition to the two previously recorded strikes by these complexes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine again used American weapons in the region. Information on this matter was provided by the Ukrainian journalist Andrey Tsaplienko, who published a corresponding photo before the missile attack.

As follows from the information provided by the Ukrainian journalist, the negotiations between Putin and Biden does not mean that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will adhere to a position that is contrary to the interests of Kiev and the American weapons available to the Ukrainian military will be actively used.

“Whatever the world leaders are trying to agree on, our real hope is in these trenches and these people. Especially when they have the legendary Javelins in their hands, which Russian tankers do not want to meet with. "- wrote a Ukrainian journalist, having published a photo of the Javelin complex being prepared for use.

In fact, the Armed Forces of Ukraine openly ignore the agreements, using these weapons in the Donbass. This could force Russia to retaliate by forcing the Armed Forces of Ukraine to adhere to the Minsk agreements.

This is called "we so want you to return to us in Ukraine, that we will kill you with great diligence, with the most modern weapons, with care of you." What are you just thinking about? Bring so much sorrow and tears. Some kind of mania to kill and destroy. You are throwing mud at Russia, telling tales. And Russia, we, ordinary people, worry about those and others, and for those killed and for those who kill, for your souls distorted. We want peace, only peace and nothing else from you.

Ukraine's "legitimate law" is limited by the Minsk Agreements, the obligation to fulfill which it voluntarily assumed. Do not say such nonsense about Chechnya, there on the side of the "fighters for independence" more than 50 nationalities fought, hundreds of terrorist attacks on their account - international terrorism. Where, how many and what terrorist attacks were carried out by "bandit formations" of the yet unrecognized republics of the DPR and LPR? Did I miss something? I only know about the terrorist attacks committed by the security forces of Ukraine - state terrorism, Ukraine is a terrorist state with a fascist ideology. It's simple

The United Ukraine logo was shown on the screens of Ukrainian TV channels 7 years ago. It's time to forget about it. Ukraine is an unviable artificial, torn by contradictions, corrupt entity under external control, has never been united, each piece tends to its own side. Are you still chasing this fact away? Then "there will be a surprise"

Javelin became legendary when it ended up in the hands of Ukrainian neo-Nazis and revanchists? Regular ATGM ... RPG-7 and Kornet will be better ... Hehe ...

The legitimate right of Ukraine to use all available means to establish constitutional order and clean up its sovereign territories from bandit formations in the Donbass. It would be useful to recall that in a similar situation, Russia wiped out the capital of rebellious Chechnya, Grozny, from the face of the earth.

The existence of the separatist DPR and LPR creates a national and geopolitical threat to security and peace in the region and in the whole world! There are no DPR and LPR and no problems! UKRAINE should be a single state!

"This is how the issues of Ukraine cannot be resolved without its leadership." Wake up, they are already decided (and not in favor of this very Ukraine).

Couldn't have done without Zelensky, they wouldn't have decided).

An excellent idea "to force Russia to retaliate by forcing the Armed Forces of Ukraine to adhere to the Minsk agreements."
I specifically read again the Minsk Protocol and the Minsk Agreements - 2. There is a ban on the use of foreign weapons. But Ukraine bought weapons and, like my Korean car, became the property of the buyer. And there are no restrictions on the use of their own weapons in the agreements. Does the author of the message want to clarify his thoughts before calling on Russia to enter the war with the fraternal people?

Ukraine has actually ceased to be a subject of international law, it has turned into a bargaining chip. Issues of Ukraine
no one will discuss with Ukraine, except Lithuania and Moldova

"Zelensky, in which the fate of Russia would be decided"
Wisdom does not always come with age, sometimes age comes alone. (C)

Yes, the photo with the pipe under the arm is clear evidence of mass combat use!

And they decide how and how! There are normal countries, and there are satellites. They fulfill the decision of strong countries. If Ukraine does not obey, it will lose US support. And the Javelins will seize. These are weak countries that have nothing of their own and cannot even interfere with the withdrawal.

Ukraine is neither a sovereign nor an independent state. This territory is completely controlled by the US authorities and it is for this reason that Zelensky was not present at the negotiations between Russia and the United States.

And you don't need to imagine what is unrealizable ...

Imagine the negotiations between Biden and Zelenskiy, in which the fate of Russia would be decided? I do not like? This is how the issues of Ukraine cannot be resolved without its leadership.