The Ukrainian Armed Forces are urgently deploying about fifty tanks, self-propelled guns and MLRS to Donbass

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are quickly deploying armored vehicles and artillery to Donbass, preparing to capture the DPR by the end of the year.

Against the background of the beginning of fierce clashes between the forces of the DPR and LPR on the one hand and the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the other hand, the information and news agency had unique video footage showing how at least two trains carrying about fifty tanks, several dozen units of cannon and rocket artillery, as well as light armored vehicles. Given the fact that the assault on the DPR has already begun, Ukraine is preparing to launch a ground operation, using its armored forces.

It is known that one train with tanks and artillery means was seen in the Slavyansk area, and the second near Saint. At the same time, both echelons moved towards Donbass.

Given the fact that active battles are currently being observed in the southern part of the DPR, it is likely that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will launch a large-scale attack in this area, which is at least less protected by the DPR.

It is known that the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to capture the settlement of Staromaryevka, intending thereby to provide a foothold for the main forces. At the same time, there is information that, under the blows of the Ukrainian formations, the DPR forces were even more pushed back.

New Year's gifts are being brought to Donbass!

Zakharova has already expressed concern! Hehe ...