APU hit Donetsk with a Bulgarian missile 9M79 "Tochka"

To strike at Donetsk, the Bulgarian tactical missile "Tochka" was used.

During the devastating strike on Donetsk the day before, the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not use the Tochka-U tactical missile, as originally reported, but its earlier version, the Tochka. There are no similar missiles in service with Ukraine, however, there is evidence that this is the first use by Ukraine of missiles of this type delivered from Bulgaria.

According to Ukrainian resources, today this is the first case of the use of 9M79 Tochka missiles for strikes on the territory of the Donetsk region, and equally on other regions where a special operation is currently being carried out. According to preliminary data, the missiles were supplied by Bulgaria as part of an earlier statement that this country decided to support Ukraine with the supply of its weapons.

If Bulgaria really transferred 9M79 Tochka tactical missiles to Ukraine, this could create an additional threat, since with a relatively short flight range of such missiles, the damage they inflict is very large, as evidenced, among other things, by today's strike on Donetsk.

waiting for mercy or negotiations, or generally weather from the sea is useless and harmful to life and health: only tank wedges in places unprotected by mines can demolish the defenses of ukronato, avoid contamination of the area with uranium and help the inhabitants of ukrostan free themselves from eurofascists
Glory to Russia!



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