APU: Ukrainian drones Bayraktar TB2 are constantly in the sky over Donbass

The Ukrainian Armed Forces announced the constant monitoring of the situation in Donbass with Bayraktar TB2 drones.

The Ukrainian military command announced that the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles, recently purchased from Turkey, are constantly used in the territory of Donbass. Judging by the statement of the commander of the Joint Forces of Ukraine Operation Oleksandr Pavlyuk, more than one unmanned aerial vehicle is constantly operating in the region, as a result of which effective support is provided to the Ukrainian military.

The situation raises some concern, since despite the presence of electronic warfare systems and short-range air defense systems in the militia's possession, it was not possible to detect and shoot down drones, the use of which violates the Minsk agreements. Nevertheless, the commander of the Joint Forces of Ukraine Operation Oleksandr Pavlyuk noted that the drones are used without violating the contact line.

"Bayraktars" are constantly working, but they work, as defined by all our agreements, without entering the uncontrolled territory. Drones are used for reconnaissance, monitoring enemy activities. They are trying to counteract the Bayraktar, but now all the units that we have in service are successfully completing their tasks. "- said Pavlyuk.

Despite the statements of the commander of the JFO, it should be noted that drones can carry out the adjustment of artillery strikes. Obviously, this is successful and is being implemented, especially at night. However, a much more serious problem is the fact that, if necessary, such a drone can easily strike at the territories of the LPR and DPR, since it is armed with ammunition capable of hitting targets at distances of up to 8 kilometers - this is enough to airspace of the self-proclaimed republics to strike at Donetsk or Lugansk.

One hundred billion, take the couch warrior higher, it's good that the authorities are not like you, otherwise nuclear ash would have been walking around the planet instead of people long ago.

Russia and the Kremlin should not be confused.

"... without violating the demarcation line. ... without entering the uncontrolled territory" According to "Minsk" you should not be there at all

They themselves wanted drones, now they are afraid that they will be punished for using them. The most powerful army in the world, after all. Hehe ...

The motor resource is being developed. Have you signed a contract for the supply of spare parts the other day? Gaza would be better bought for yourself

When a hundred thousand people die in the LPNR, then Putin will say to the Americans and others, "Dear partners, this is too much, we will think about what to do." And everyone will be scared.

Glory to the Minsk agreements, which cover up the treachery by Russia of the Donbass republics. Russia steadily fulfills them, therefore there is nothing to shoot down the drones, air defense supplies are prohibited by those who are aimed at betrayal.