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The Ukrainian Armed Forces staged a provocation in Donbass, showing the United States the "aggression" of Russia

The EU and the US are watching Russia's "activity" in the Donbass "Help" provocations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kiev assures the EU and the United States that in the Donbass the Ukrainian army is "at war" with the Russian army. To make sure that Russia is “prepared” for an attack, sometimes foreign diplomats and even entire delegations come to the border, which, of course, is only a provocation.

Therefore, on May 14, according to the press service of the Joint Forces Operations headquarters, a delegation from the American Congress visited the zone of operations conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass.

In order to show the active actions of Russian warships in the waters of the Azov Sea, the American delegation was first brought to Mariupol, then put on boats, taken out to sea so that they could observe the "activity" of Russian military boats. Then the Americans were shown the Gnutovo checkpoint, which is not functioning properly because the Russian army blocked access to it for the population of the territory. After that, in conclusion, they were brought near Shirokino, where they showed how the Ukrainian armed forces are actively restraining the "attack" of Russian troops.

Ultimately, the US Congress delegation became convinced that the Russian army was "active" in the Donbass.

As a result, it can be noted that recently delegations to Donbass have become more frequent, and the Ukrainian army has increasingly begun to show Russian "aggression" to foreign diplomats and military personnel.