Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the village of Boguslavka in the Kharkiv region

Ukrainian troops took control of the village of Boguslavka.

After a very long pause, the Ukrainian military managed to enter the territory of the village of Boguslavka in the Kharkiv region, located on the eastern bank of the Oskol River. In fact, today Ukrainian troops almost completely control the eastern bank of the Oskol River, joining their forces both south and north of Bohuslavka.

It is known that Ukrainian troops are actively accumulating their forces in this direction, probably intending to take control of the entire territory of the Kharkiv region. Additional forces and equipment are also actively transferred here, however, after the strike tonight on the railway infrastructure in Kharkov, which was used just for the transportation of military equipment and additional military personnel, the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered serious losses.

At the moment, the situation in the region remains extremely difficult, since according to a number of estimates, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may try to attack the settlement of Svatovo on the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic, which in turn will cut off communication with Kremennaya, where Ukrainian troops are also planning an attack.

In turn, the Russian military took advantageous positions and are ready to repel any attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine both in this direction and in others.


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