Armed Forces of Ukraine resumed offensive in the Kherson region - the attack is carried out from three directions at once

Ukrainian troops resumed the offensive in the Kherson region.

Despite the fact that significant forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were squeezed between the Dudchansky reservoir and the Dnieper, in fact, having fallen into a tactical trap, the Ukrainian troops resumed their offensive in the Kherson region, starting to advance from three directions at once.

It is known that the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are represented by approximately 150 units of various types of military equipment - these are armored vehicles, unarmored pickups, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, etc. In fact, we are talking about the use of three small fronts stretched from the Dnieper to the Ingulets River.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing in the Nikolaevsky, Andreevsky and Dudchansky directions, using large units of infantry and armored vehicles in each sector. At the forefront of the advancing groupings are up to 50 armored vehicles in each direction. At the moment, Russian troops are conducting heavy defensive battles in the Kherson region. The Russian Aerospace Forces and artillery provide all possible support to the units holding back the onslaught of the enemy., - reports the publication "Tsargrad".

The actual offensive from three directions allowed Kyiv to withdraw its troops from the trap in the area of ​​​​the village of Dudchany, and at the moment there are serious fears that Ukrainian troops will begin to advance in a southwestern direction. In particular, we are talking about Mylovo, Sukhanovo and Borozensky.


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